Bernhard Schmidt's web page about Blind Galaxy

What is Galaxy?

Galaxy is a free multi player play-by-e-mail (pbem) game featuring great ASCII graphics as well as sound that can't be copied by any digital means (yes, analog - the scream of a player having lost half his systems in a single attack, for example ;-), in which the objective is to conquer the galaxy. To this end, the player takes control of a race and designs ships, builds ships, discovers and settles new worlds, works as scientist, starfleet admiral as well as a diplomat to ensure the continued existance of his race - and to generally do to other races what he wouldn't want them to do with him. In other words, it's a mean game -- FUN!

What is Blind Galaxy?

Blind Galaxy is a variant of Galaxy (see above) where you start knowing less that in standard galaxy or most of its other descendants. You see the map like you see the night sky, not knowing if - well you know that there are others, the game would be moot if there weren't - but how many other races are out there, and where they are etc. (Yes, in other variants such information is available from the start). Most important of all, you don't know who plays your counterparts. So you can be mean and no one knows that it was you - save the instance that you win, because then you'll get famous, or rather: infamous.

Where to play?

I do no longer host games. But, do not lose hope! You can go to to join a game!

M51. Click to sign up!

Sign up to Blind Galaxy games

Here's the way to go if you want to sign up to a Blind Galaxy game!
M31, the Andromeda Galaxy. Click for info about current games!

Current games I GM

Here's the page with informations about the games I run at this point. I struggle to keep it up to date, but I know I don't always succeed. Have fun looking at the infos and maps found there!
M87. Click for the Galaxy Quest Page!

Blind Galaxy Quest Games

Galaxy Quest games replace the standard "eliminate all others" goal by a game specific one; I run one such game on occasion. Since they aren't "won" in the usual way, they have a very own Hall of Fame and Infamy, which is also located here.
M83. Click for info about past games

Completed games

Here's some information about games that were played, for reference. Winners are listed in the hall of fame.

Blind Galaxy links

John Baldwin's Blind Galaxy server.
THE source to play Blind Galaxy nowadays.
Howard Bampton's Blind Galaxy home page
This is the Mecca for Blind Galaxy players. Everything related can be found here with at least a link. Including a better introduction than mine.
Viola Schmidt's Blind Galaxy Page
My choice of tools. They are very basic, simple ones, but I hate point-and-click-and-point-and-click-and-...-interfaces. I'm an old command-liner.
Galaxy View
is a tool for Windows users which is about the best you can get for Galaxy, and it works for Blind Galaxy, too.

2.May 2007, Bernhard Schmidt